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Leah C. McKenzie

Since 2009, Get Fluffed, LLC has been evolving its tailor design to align with clients' visions, desires and functional requirements.  Whether new construction, remodel, or a simple fluff, we are dedicated in assisting clients throughout the southeast to craft a chic, practical and well-organized space that inspires you to cherish life's every day and significant moments.  If you desire a space for a short-term getaway or a lifetime of enjoyment, at Get Fluffed, our goal is to provide a chic and practical environment for any space. 

As the owner and principal designer, my love for design has been unwavering from the start.  I enjoy crafting a unique, timeless and inviting space that inspires others to gather, connect, and share memories with their neighbors.  Over time, I have initiated various new construction, remodeling and decorating projects utilizing my skills to enhance and enrich your home.  Behind the design, our mission is to inspire individuals to open their homes and foster connections with their family and neighbors because, ultimately, home is where the heart is.  ❤️ Leah


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
Call or connect with me online to Get Fluffed with us!

(601) 408-5349

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